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  • Brothers of Beta Sigma Lambda with students at our 2016 Go To High School, Go To College Program. Students from Hartford High School, East Hartford Middle School, Journalism & Media Academy, Avon High School, Henry James Middle School and many more were in attendance.

  • The Brothers of Beta Sigma Lambda welcoming the Students of Two Rivers High School in Hartford, CT back for another prosperous and exciting school year.

  • Greetings,


    Thank you for visiting our website. Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter has provided service and advocacy to our communities for over 75 years. Through our national programs such as Project Alpha, Go To High School, Go To College, A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People and My Brother’s Keeper, we aim to stimulate the ambition of our community, aim to provide equal rights to all within the Greater Hartford Area.


    Our motto is to promote manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind. 


    Yours Truly,

    Elbert L. Gray, III.

    Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter President